Successful entrepreneur.
Certified life and wellness coach.
16 years in ministry.

Coach Mike Wiley is the “doctor of discipline.” He’s a “coach with a different approach.” He is a leader in the field of life improvement through improved self-discipline. He is also a certified life and wellness coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy. He began coaching professionally in 2005.

He has been a successful entrepreneur, executive, sales professional, business owner, and senior pastor. He was the founder, owner, and president of East County News, Inc.

He’s a “coach with a different approach.”

He has been appointed to serve on citizen’s advisory committees and on local government boards. He is an author of a highly-rated book on Amazon.com, a summa cum laude graduate of ministry college and served as business administrator of a large multi-ethnic ministry. He also served as a senior pastor for over 11 years and in full-time ministry for 16 years. He was an all-star youth ice hockey player and has been a drive-time radio talk show host.

Coach Mike is a life-long student of personal development and self-discipline techniques that are effective for everyday people.

Coach Mike has married for over three decades and has two adult children and four grandchildren.

Coach Mike has a broad range of experience in leadership, management, sales, mentoring, and counseling. He is an engaging, motivating one-to-one coach and a dynamic and motivating public speaker.

At 61, Coach Mike maintains a disciplined personal life, including a daily fitness routine.


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